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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ladakhalogue …Day 3 and Day 4

Day3: 28th June 2011 Tuesday

When I wrote this I was at 14000ft above sea level and its morning 8:40. Today we are going on highest motor able road 18380ft to Khardung la peak and reaching Nubra valley which is near POK. I am enjoying this drive with wonderful music, scenic Beauty and company. Now I can see Stok Kangri Range it is completely snow capped, it is sunny here but cold wind and glaciers around. Am I in heaven???

No I am on top of the world Khardung la!

Mountains give you the impression that you are very very small, But when I see neatly laid roads even at this altitude, I feel we can conquer Anything.
So dreaming big is valid!!!

Oh snow god its closing by, I am waiting to touch it. Yes I touched and played in snow. God I am also experiencing SNOW FALL first time ever in my life!!! this is trip of firsts as my friend calls it

We reached Nubra crossing a military base camp where we met lot of Soldiers spoke to them hugged and thanked them.

Also I had wonderful noodles it’s the local specialty here, its nothing more than Maggi Masala mania but trust me it tastes like heaven when cool breeze is hitting you

We visited Hunder village, it has beautiful stream of glacier, sand dunes and extremely fine weather, I am getting bests of nature here.

End of Day 3: Surprisingly Reynolds pen which I flicked from office writes in every condition also most shaky roads
Good Night, Love my life

Day 4: 29th June 2011 Wednesday

I am now in Diskit Monastery, due to the journey on very rough terrain and Back seat journey has completely handicapped me I am not able to walk, so Hubs has gone up to Monastery to get Pictures for me. Here are few glimpse of what I missed in real.

This is the image of Maitraiy Buddha who is about to come to this world in 2500yrs now, This statue was inaugurate by Dalia Lama

Every Monastery will have A Big Mani Wheel, People say wish for something and pray by turning Mani wheel and wish comes true. I have prayed for all my dear ones and have turned mani.

Peace is one word which strikes me here Day 4 has started we have a complete Journey back to Leh which is 128km from here and the same bumpy roads.

Highlights of these 2 days:

1. Ladakh is mostly mix of Tibetan and Kashmiri Culture.
2. I was new to learn that Buddists are mostly Vegetarians.
3. All around are Photographers, Big Lenses, Different styles of taking picture, people posing (including me), But I must say our eyes rocks No lens can make justice to the beauty we are seeing here.
4. Nature has given the best and worst to this place, 4-5 Months people here work and save money and rest of the year they have to leave ladakh or sit cozy at home as winter is very sever and floods are also expected.
5. Double Hump camels are endangered and they are seen only in this part of the world, these were used to Export Silk, And this Path was the famous as Silk Route remember reading in History Books!!!
We are now back in Leh, and tomorrow we have a big day ahead as we are going to one of the most awaiting destinations of this trip…
End of Day 4: Good night!!! Yes of course I love my life! :)


Prashanth said...

Absolutely fantastic pictures!! Good work Ramya, made me feel being with you :o)

If you have good resolution pictures of 'double humped camels', please send them across to me. A humble request though :o)

Ramya said...

@Prashant: Thanks a lot:) Credit for Photography goes to Hubs :D and his craze.

Sure pls leave your personal email id in ur comment on my next post ;)

Thanks Again, And of course I keep my friends close in all my journeys so you were part of my trips.

Spicy Sweet said...

WOW!! Superb Ramya! I can fully understand how good the maggi tastes when the mouth has almost gone numb and teeth has almost stopped clattering!!

BEAUTY is what I can say.. Pictures are just great..

I am going to pester hubby for a trip to Ladakh..

Ramya said...

@Spicy: Wow you completely understood me :D, Yes Maggi was heavenly.

Compliments for Picture will be :D given to Hubs!

Please please dont tell your hubs that you got this idea of pestering him after reading my blog!!!Oh my god save me!

Sujatha Sathya said...

saw ur hubby's pic 4 d 1st time. n noticed his height right away :)

the sky/land pic is awesome

hey never saw so much maggi in one patre hahaah...u looked ravenous in dat pic

ಸಾಗರದಾಚೆಯ ಇಂಚರ said...

Lovely photos, and lovely writeup, i particularly liked Budda statue inaugurated by Dalai Lama. I wish to go there. Thanks for sharing

Ramya said...

@Sujatha: HA HA HA very true ;) the difference is very evident!!!
Will Pass on your comments about Photography to hubs.
Maggi trust me if u go there dont miss Maggie that the best thing :)

@Sagara: Thanks for your comments :)
Yes its an awesome place you will see so many different wonders of nature there :)
Please plan to visit soon :) Ladakh is awesome.

Geetanjali Maithani said...

You wrote so beautifully & well expressed, I wish everybody could read it.

Ramya said...

@Geetanjali: Wow, Welcome to Chittrana!!!
Thanks a lot :D, Hope your wish comes true ;)