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Its about learning to dance in the rain!!!
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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I do right thing at right time!

Hello Hello!!! By seeing the post’s title, People who are thinking that I am very proud of things I do, I request you to please go ahead and read through the post.

Scene 1:

Entire week I wouldn’t have washed my office wear. I pester my dear husband to put it to washing . He not only does it but also he takes it off from drying, gives it for pressing and collects the same.

Now suddenly I realize!!! Dear god such a nice husband I have and immediately gear up and collect all his cloths put it to washing machine and also put it on strings to dry, I feel so proud of doing this right thing.

But alas, I forget to notice that it was in “Washed cloths to Pressing” Bin and with this I also forget take it off when it dries and night it showers badly!!!

Scene ends with Hubs searching his old shirts Suitcase to see which one fits now!!!

Scene 2:

My dear dad does most of the small work for me even today, so I decide to surprise him by personally going to the Coffee shop where he has been going from years and get freshly brewed coffee powder for my dad.

But alas I dint notice that it’s different shop owner and only later found out that the old guy had changed the shop but a similar one was in that place and I got a huge pack of Coffee Powder which was not my father’s favorite!!!

Scene ends with my father cribbing each time drinking the coffee prepared by mom and Coffee powder got by me!

Scene 3:

On a south Indian festival which is similar to Karva Chaut, I wanted to show off to MIL that I am starving whole day for my husband’s long life. I called her up in the evening and informed the details I did and also that I starved whole day for him. I was happy to hear MIL laughing at the other end but only later I realize that I forgot to note that month she had mentioned and My MIL calmly told “dear Daughter in law, festival is next month don’t worry you can do it again next month when I come there!!!”

Scene ends with me starving again!!!

Scene 4:

My best friend is seeing a beautiful girl in my office,

One day in cafeteria my dear friend was walking with me, I stopped midway talking to someone and later realized that he had walked ahead of me and I thought he will end up searching me. So went shouting his name, ran to him and felt very proud that I informed my best friend that I was with him.

But alas I dint realize that I disturbed a beautiful moment of my best friend seeing his girl and to add to this, it was the only time she turned to see him as well!!!

Scene ends with an angry stare from my best friend :(
I do right thing at right time!!!


Gautam said...

I wonder who that friend is and who that girl is!

Gautam said...

Scene 1 is hillarous!

Ramya said...

Do want me to announce it??? ;)

Spicy Sweet said...

Comedy of errors I would say. :-D
Ended up laughing. Good post.. :D

Ramya said...

@Spicy :)
I am blessed such things :D
Thanks for your compliments :D

Dheeraj said...
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Dheeraj said...

And thats our very own Ramya...

Cheers for the right things at the right time!!!

By the way who`s that grl ;)

Ramya said...

Thanks thanks ;)
To know about that girl, you should be at Right place and Right time :D

ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ/ Ashwini said...

Thats a superbly hilarious post.. Love your writing..

Ramya said...

Thanks a lot ;) Keep smiling

Sujatha Sathya said...

oh god...paapa ur husband....Ramya u r tooooo much
only thing i cant blame u for is the rains, blore rains - u r unpredictable :(

And i am imagining ur father's expression every day while drinking that coffee n ur mothers too coz after taking the trouble of making it....

3rd one: shivapoojeli karadi thara na? hahah

Ramya said...

Thanks thanks awesomely u have commented for my post
Here is the reply!!!

No paaapafying my hubs on my blog comments ;) I am very Jealous now!

Oh my dad this is nothing he has superb talent of linking his occassional cold, fever to the bad coffee powder ;) can write a blog about that!!! wait for it

And About my friend its ok now we patched up he is ok with such occassional KARADI buddi of mine!!! But I have got strict warnings :D

Zeba said...

Haha. Of course you do the right things at the right time. :)

$insi said...

Scene 1 is very funny.. From now on ur husband will not ask you to wash clothes .. :):)

nice post rammu :)

Ramya said...

@Zeba: Welcome to Chittrana :D
Thanks thanks

@Sinsi: He he he hopefully ;)
Thanks Sinsi

Ranjana said...

Alas! what can I say, you always do right things. May be the time is wrong sis :) Nice writing.I remember you do many right things in my case as well.But whole of this post will look smaller if I start explaining... Whatever you do, You rock :)

PS- @Gautam- I know who the naughty best friend is he he :) @ all- Keep guessing :)

Ramya said...

@Ranjana: :D Thanks for not explaining all of them here he he he...

@Gautam do you want us to announce it ??? ;)People are waiting to know!!!

santhu said...


Jenny said...

hahaha Ramya! You remind me so much of me. With such postitve thoughts we go ahead and do a task. How the hell does it manage to trun up into a mess, no clue!!

LOL wonderful read :-)