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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ladakhalogue …Day 1 and Day 2

Day 1: 26th June 2011

Delhi – Leh
I am in early morning flight to Leh now, Flight is safe and also view from our seat is wonderful. I can see clouds all over spread like cotton candy; I am remembering those fairy tale cartoons which we used to see as kid.
Oh here is the first view of Snowcapped mountains in real, gosh its breathtaking this is the first time I am seeing Snow capped mountain for real. Thousand thanks to hubs for giving such moments in my life.

Airport to Hotel:
We were picked in Qualis and the driver name is Dorje, I started to talk to him actually its like interview about ladakh, he must of answered the same question like this umpteen times but still he answered to me with full interest and patience. But Actually I dint see him ever again in my trip :) hopefully he is not irritated.

Hotel Naro:
This is a small homestay cozy and homely. This is owned by Mr. Paldan, As usual over a chat I made friends with him and also bet him on some silly thing and was about to flick his wonderful Hat but alas I lost the bet.
We mostly rested today for acclimatization and evening we visited Shanti stupa built by Japanese for world peace. I am still wondering why they build it here!!!

Day 1, Ended early as we slept early, good night

Day 2: 27th June 2011 Monday

Altitude is taking a call on our health we are facing tiredness, cant walk 5 steps at a stretch and also mild headache, I am surfing through the huge medical kit given by my best friend to find one tablet,

Today we are visiting,

1. Hall of fame: This is a museum for war memorials, Ladakh has both POK and Siachen which is china border, Kargil is 225 km away from the place where I am currently. Despite so many scams which happens inside you feel goosebumps seeing the conditions our Soldiers work to keep us safe, All I want to tell is JAI JAWAN.

2. Sangam of River Zanskar and Indus

3. Spituk Monastery: Monastery is 'Gonpa' in tibetian language, this is the first monastery I am visiting in ladakh, Its full of Tangaka paintings, Its exactly like Kushalnagar monestry. They also have kalli temple they call this diety as Manjushri here.

4. GPS: Gurudwar Shri Pathar Sahib, is a gurudwara in Ladakh.

Ok Now we are going back to Hotel Naro for resting again, trust me you have to rest a lot oxygen shortage is very evident and I am very tired. But I am really waiting for tomorrow, It will be my lifetime experience when I get to touch the snow and also motor up to worlds highest motorable road, God I can only see the mountains as I close my eyes…

Highlights of the day:
1. I got to ride a Bicycle loved it
2. I am still doing good, not feeling any altitude sickness as such apart from slight headache
3. Its only second day seems like Hubs will run out of  memory in his SLR, he he he my notepad is the best I can capture all my memories without falling short of anything :).
4. Despite heavy roaming charges, I have messaged my friends :D to make sure they are constantly jealous of all the things I am enjoying
5. oh one important thing :) Sun rise is at 4:30am and sunset is at 7:30 pm!!! :( this place is not for people like me who love to sleep.

Love my life :D, End of Day 2 Good night


Prashanth said...

Shanti Stupa looks awesome! I remember reading about the Sangam.. back in my Schooling in Vijaya High School. Glad, you gave an opportunity to have a look at it :o)

I would have really loved to see a snap taken (if possible) from flight, coz haven't gotten a chance to fly in life yet.

Are you missing to make a note of the delicious food you ate there? :D

Ramya said...

@Prashanth: Thanks tons for constantly following on my update!
Sure you will get more snpas and also dont worry aap ka number ayaga sooooon :)

And About food, wait for it. It will be served hot! :D Stay Hungry!!!

Spicy Sweet said...

WOW!!! Beautiful.
And making an entry in your notepad is a superb exercise. We tend to forget many small cute li'l things over time. Kudos to your habit!!

Loved the photographs and the info.. !

Aravind GJ said...

Nice writeup. Eager to see the updates!!

Sujatha Sathya said...

travelogue....i love it i love it.
m copying what i wrote for u on my blog in comments:
""ohh m so glad u r back!
i knew u had gone on a holiday but whn u were bak N still no new posts on ur blog (i check it EVERYDAY)felt like u went on hibernation!! i wanted to wake u up :) coz i was missing it. u know Ramya, d addiction is not only to our own blog but more to others blogs.
July 22, 2011 6:42 AM """"""""""

u proved i am so right in this matter

Ramya said...

@Spicy: I have very bad memory so I write little things which i want to cherish in a notepad :)
Will post more shortly :)

@Arvind:Your Blog is just too Awesome!!! mine is only the emotions and feelings I went through over the journey

@Sujatha: I am really so Happy to know that you follow my blog so religiously, sure will keep posting

@All: I Seriosuly recommend you guys to have a look at Mr. Arvind GJ's Blog(Please find his profile in my comment list) its too awesome and in detailed of the same place.

Jenny said...

Gosh the pics are beautiful! Altitude sickness, have heard a lot about it. Going on to the next part.