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Monday, February 7, 2011

Exam preparations!!!

State the Differences:

1. State the differences in Ramya studying and preparing for certification exams and her Husband preparing for his Exams
2. All these observations are to be made just 1 month before the exam dates.
Hubs: Hubs studies till night 12 and gets up at 5 am daily
Ramya: Watches movie till 12 and doesn’t get up till 7
Hubs: Hubs gets up keeping alarm and studies
1. Alarm rings
2. 2 Mobiles rings
3. Hubs calls
4. House maid comes
5. Hubs pulls me out of bed.
Ramya: "Oh shit is it 5 am already!!!"
Hubs: "No its 7"
6. Studying cancel for that day!
Hubs: Studies late night and completes one course!
Meanwhile Ramya,
1. Watches TV
2. Gossips about all possible people on this earth
3. Reads Novel
4. Sleeps Well
Ramya Studies (4 pages)
1. Hubs Should not watch TV
2. Should not read Novel
3. Should not talk also
4. Should not sleep should sit in front of Ramya

On the exam Previous Day:
Hubs: Studies, Packs his bag to take tomorrow and sleeps early at 10:30
1. Ramya often suffers from Stomach ache or head ache
2. Hubs should ask questions and point to note for exam
3. Hubs should come with her to temple for praying
4. Hubs should answer all the calls and see to it she doesn’t get to speak to her friends
On the day of Exam:

Hubs gets up early revises, freshens up and takes his bag and leaves
Ramya will be still sleeping

On the day of Exam:

Ramya cries shouts all tensed and goes to exam hall
1. Hubs should wake up Ramya and remind she has exam
2. Hubs has to search for all the printout to be taken for exam and pack
3. Hubs should keep saying paper will be very easy and I will know all the answer
4. Hubs drops to the venue and waits


Hubs clears in A Grade

Ramya: I don’t think so I should mention about this

History repeats for the same certification once again :(


Yamini said...

Sahi hai.... So secret of Certification is Ur Hubby... :)

Milana said...

Lets just say that I'm like you though I do the same course your hubby is doing and don't ask me my grades :)

Ashwini said...

You are too honest sweety... :) Nice one....

Ramya said...

Now you know Value of all my Bhashan on getting certified!!!

What ever it is hats off to you!!! :)I am very proud of you all

Better I tell them myself!!!

Avinash said...

So no matter what certifications comes up on ur name, now I know whom I shd actually appreciate. I will take back my appreciation which I gave last time for the previous certi

Gautam said...

Good one!

Ramya said...

:D sure post a mail congratulating my hubs atleast!!!

Good one for whom? me or my hubs :D

santhu said...

:) good one