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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Matter of few years…

62nd Republic day!!! This post has nothing to do with this fact, its just about small realization which happened over this holiday that how with time meaning of so many things changes drastically.

Me and My hubs had been to my moms place yesterday evening and were discussing about Tax proof submission as that’s in the air currently. Seeing our financial condition my dad remembered his days of struggle and started telling us his management in those days. And it was something like this.

My father’s first salary was Rs 560/- He had to manage house and also save some money and send it to his parents who are agriculturists. I now cannot imagine 560/- in my account and surviving just 2 days, His marriage discussion started and he had to buy gold so he saved some 3000rs and bought a chain, necklace and only 2 bangles, I was looking at my thin bracelet of 5gm which had cost me more than 10000/-. Then he married, at this point my mom and dad’s combined salary was 850/- then with this he had rent to pay, grocery and some money for his home, after an year first child was born and delivery cost for the first child was 750/- .Next they planned to own a house with this started loans etc after all of that he and mom combined income which was left in hand was 300/- per month. I and hubs were shocked to hear the amount 300/- which we had spent in minutes that after noon!!!

On the way back to our home, I started thinking that someday we will be telling stories like this to our kids and it may be like this…

Me to my Son!
Me: My first salary was 16000/- per month
Son: Mom don’t tell me I can’t imagine 16000 for a whole month we can’t survive a day with that

Me: My father bought me gold worth 2 lakh for which I had got 2 bangles a chain and a Necklace all worth few gms
Son: Mom you have gold in Grams!!! my god I am struggling to buy microgram of gold which is costing in Lakhs!!!

Me: Then I married, you were born and the Hospitalization cost was 50000/-
Son: oh my god these days it costs easily 2Lakh for normal delivery!!!

Me: Hmm!!! I and your father bought a house and loans had to be paid and we would get on hand 20000/- Permonth
Son: ***FAINT***


Prashanth said...

Good one Ramya :o)

santhu said...

Seriously, you believe it or not. I was talking to my wife the same topic:)