Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass ...
Its about learning to dance in the rain!!!
There are many things in life that will catch your eye
but only a few will catch your heart... Pursue those

This is my small effort to make you smile for a while...

Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Amma and Dodamma TV Stars

It was Friday, I went home after my work as usual my home was full with voices of Dad, Mom, sis and Doddamma.
Oh I haven’t introduced u all to another family member. So this is an introduction about my Doddamma. Doddammma is elder sister of my Mom and an indivisible part of our family she lives in our neighboring house and she is the care taker for me and my sister. Actually she has taken care of us as our mother in all the times we needed. Very innocent and always smiling nature she has. She jells up easily with the young generation and hence we don’t feel generation gap between us if she is around. This is my sweet doddamma.

So this day as soon as I went home, I figured out there is something very interesting and very new topics discussed at home. I could clearly guess that amma and Dodamma have done something different, actually glow in their face and excitement in their voice clearly showed that it was them in the limelight. As I came to hall Mom was waiting me to ask her what was special, so I dint wanted to disappoint her feelings so showing excitement in my face I asked what was special for the day looking at amma and Dodamma. As soon as I asked both jumped on their feet to tell me, then somehow controlling their excitement amma told me that they had been to TV shoot. My god this was really surprising to me also. How come all of a sudden two housewives and TV show I couldn’t put the puzzle pieces in the right place!
Then continuing the TV saga, mom went ahead and told me that they had gone to TV Music show, as I knew my mom is pretty good singer I was baffled about how she got this opportunity. Now I was really amazed and asked her to tell me more but my mom refused to tell me anything more and she told me to hold on till tomorrow and see them on TV. Oh my god this kept me really impatient.

The next day at office I had a critical project release but who cares Mom was on air the same evening and Doddamma was also with her so I had to be at home by evening 7. By evening early cab I winded up my work and reached home. It was 6:45 my mom dint change the channel she kept the same channel playing from past one hour though her show was at 7. As soon as the show began every one of us were in front of TV and there began the show. I was just waiting for Mom to be on stage.

Host of the show introduced the competitors for the day in surprise I turned to mom and asked ‘where are you amma?’ She asked me to wait. Ok!!! I controlled my excitement. As soon as the shows camera swung to capture the audience, suddenly mom and doddamma jumped to their feet shouting see me in the first row, me in second row!!!

So there it was, they had been to that show as audience but the excitement they had is unimaginable. But I must say that day my mom received so many calls from her friends and our relatives that for they being on TV. From that day my dodamma and Amma are TV stars. But the happiness they had taught me that enthusiasm for doing new things and to face new things keeping aside your regular worries gives us immense happiness and keeps us young.


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