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Its about learning to dance in the rain!!!
There are many things in life that will catch your eye
but only a few will catch your heart... Pursue those

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Angel of my life…

Ranju, my bestfriend from past 19yrs
I was 5 years old when I first met this girl, very pretty, soft, very fair. She was dressed up in pink cloths and placed calm in the cradle. I exactly don’t remember how I felt at that moment. But I remember that I was very jealous as she was the center of attraction. People in that hospital room just pushed me aside to hold her and caress her. There I stood staring at her and cursing god for sending this girl to my family.

Yes 28th of October 1988, we had this new family member. Initial days I always felt jealous of my little sister. She was the topic of discussion, her smile, her jet black eyes, her complexion, like this each and every one at home just discussed about her. Till that day my actions were praised this sudden change in everyone made me very angry about my little girl. After few months when she was able to walk a bit and to understand people around her, she started to be with me and laugh at my silly actions though I was still not comfortable, this smile of hers made me very happy so my efforts grew to make my little sister smile and laugh. This game made me grow very close to her.

Till this little incident happened I never realized that there would be so much bond and love in this sister relation. I was now in 1st standard and my sis was of 1 yr old. It was my midterm holidays and I was driven to my native as it was tough to maintain me and a little baby at home where both my parents were working. So I had been to native, It was 15days stay planned for me there, but with in a week my dad had called native and I was brought back to Bangalore. I dint realize why this sudden shipping happened. When I came back to Bangalore, my home I got to know my little sister was missing me badly and because of my absence she had got fever so Doc told my parents to get me back from native.

At that age of 6, I realized how much bonded we both were, we never shared a word just smiles, touches had bonded us so strongly that we missed each other. From that day
On wards there is no single day that I haven’t spoken to my sister. I share each and everything of my life with her. She is been an indivisible part of my life.
We both have 5 yrs difference but still we are like best friends and never have we fought like other sisters. She is much more beautiful and the prettiest girl now. And for me she is the only person who never let me down, she fought for me, she kissed and cared me when I really needed. Now I thank god for sending this angel to my life. Hence I understand Love grows deeper and stronger in any relationship with time and doesn’t fade.


Parsottam said...

Good one!
Remarkable!!! :)

ranjana said...

Love u Akki :)