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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Care for a Coffee???

An Addiction, Culture, Romance, Aroma, History, Flavor, bloody what not is related to this amazing drink, The Coffee. We addicts laugh at the ads which say carefully chosen, highly toned, sinfully roasted, freshly brewed, Coffee!!! Arreyyyyyyyyy, who cares? God damn it! It’s “COFFEE” and that is all what matters!!!

Such is my addiction and I crave to explore every flavor of this magical divine potion. And so the topmost “Must do” activity on my list was “Coffee Tasting” in Bali, Yes Indonesia is known for its best coffee beans which is grown in the most fertile lands near the Volcanic ranges. What can be a better way to roast the beans other than growing it on the land which has spurting lava deep in it!
Infinite times I touched  cloud 9 with every sip of coffee that I gulped, so much coffee went into my system that if there was a cut in my body caffeine would ooze out instead of blood.

Finally there was this one thing which put a brake to my coffee exploration in this island and it was a special very unique flavor of coffee called “Luwak Coffee”. Every person we met in Bali kept praising this coffee and kept blowing a kiss in air every time they uttered the name “Luwak”, Such madness in people drove me to one of the best coffee farms of Bali. 

As we entered saw some tourists lost relishing on a cup of coffee which I mostly guessed to be this “Luwak coffee” we were also introduced to a guide who walked us through the farm introducing to different flavor of coffee and was kind enough to let us taste all of those. As I enjoyed most of them he assured me that he has the best kept for the last and I was also longing for that mysterious “Luwak Coffee”.

As he led us to the end of farm I felt like those Indiana Jones movies, searching for the hidden treasure. Finally he pointed us to the “Luwak”, my jaw dropped at the very sight. I was expecting a very different kind of Coffee plant, my imaginations even had spun an image of golden glowing Coffee plant which Balinese called as “Luwak” but much to my dismay it was a Cat! Yes, you read it right, a “Cat!!!”

I started panicking and expressed my shock to the guide thinking that they kill this poor animal to make this flavor, for which the guide smiled and told in his broken English “Madaaam, no no kill cat, cat go night out smell smell best coffee fruit, eat sleep in the morning and next day shit going, we dry cat shit and take coffee beans”

Had somebody captured my expression then for sure that would be huge hit among whatsapp forwards with every possible weird tag!!!

I ran out of the farm in one breathe as he offered this “Luwak Coffee”, Now I generously will give up on self proclaimed “Coffee Enthusiast” title with no regrets. 

So anyone amongst you care for a carefully eaten, warmly egested, serenely shit, “Luwak” Coffee????


Prashanth said...

For your last sentence, Yes is my answer...;D That's an interesting coffee for sure. When translated to english, Luwak means Mongoose..:) I guess sometimes it is better to just enjoy the coffee than to see how it is made...;)

Anita said...

Yes, I had read about Luwak coffee earlier & wondered to what extent they can go to prepare it!
I love coffee- the normal variety :)

KParthasarathi said...

Your tryst with Luwak coffee had me in splits.Lucky you went told how they make it.

Ranjana Bhat said...

I would taste it akka.. I can still claim that I am a "Coffee Lover".

Badarinath Palavalli said...

Good article abt coffee

Facebook profile: Badarinath Palavalli

Rahul Bhatia said...

Good one Ramya! Knew about this coffee and am sure you must have enjoyed Luwak till you learnt the secret:) It is also very expensive despite the strange way in which the final product appears!Waiting to hear more tales of Indonesia!

CRD said...

Ive watched a capsule about this on Discovery. Wonder why its so popular? Did you taste it?

Btw, its not a cat, its a civet :P


Updated mine. Do drop by.

Nilanjana Bose said...

Hope you are still having the normal coffee! :)

Seriously though, the civets are actually kept in terrible conditions and fed only berries and lead a ghastly life just to satisfy the western demand for this "shitty" coffee.

Enjoyed the humour in your post.
Best wishes,

sandeep said...

Ramya said...

@Prashanth: Yes daring to try something is very good :) anyways enjoy your LUWAK coffee and this blog is completely my perspective :D

Ramya said...

@Anita: thanks for dropping by and yes world is truly weird :)

@KP: yeah I was totally jackass!!! :)

@Ranju: hahhaa enjoy your Luwak Coffee sweetie

@Badari: thanks for dropping by :)

Ramya said...

@Rahul Sir: Right its very expensive but really wat extent we have all gone in extorting from nature!

Ramya said...

@CRD: Yeah Right is CIVET and not a cat, I left it at the exact version and way in which people back there speak :D just to retain the flavor of the humor I went through :D and did give a link to the LUWAK Coffee for correct info :)

Ramya said...

@NB: yeah that in fact makes up for a very sad story and on the contrary we human relish on and continue to exploit this poor animal.

@Sandy: thanks for dropping by! thanks for all the links :) I saw that happening and could do nothing but refusing to take any of these products

Nuthan said...

(Lu)wakkkkk : )

Ashish Rathore said...

Luwak coffee...!! You already tasted it! My uncle is in Bali currently and he told me about this special flavored coffee a year back, and i replied him that the very first thing i am going to do after coming there is get a hold of a mug of hot Luwak coffee. Anyways, you already had your share. Lovely!
Just passing by... <3

Ramya said...

@Nuthan: ;) Care for LooWyaaakkk coffee????

@Ashish: Hey thanks for dropping by, but noooo I dint dare to taste this coffee. and yes when u go there and taste it pls do ping me to tell me about your experience. :)