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Its about learning to dance in the rain!!!
There are many things in life that will catch your eye
but only a few will catch your heart... Pursue those

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Sheetal was surprised to see a Whatsapp voice message from SIN, Seriously Introvert Nitin the boring Shayar and her ardent admirer.  She whole heartedly wanted to ignore that message as she was already very irritated by those boring shayaris which he relentlessly typed every day!!! But with the thought of mocking his shayari in his own voice with her girl gang she decided to go ahead and listen to his message…
Just before she played that message she smirked at the thought of him reciting “ Tum toh phool ho magar main fool hun…blah blah” Sort of silly shayari but she was in for surprise this day…

Plays ->Nitin:  Oh a piece of heaven!!!

Sheetal was taken aback by this direct attack decides to play around and types back. Thus begins the game of the voice messages from Nitin and texts from Sheetal.

Sheetal : Hello whats going on!!!( SLAP)
Plays ->Nitin: That tastes amazing
Sheetal: how about this (PUNCH)
Plays ->Nitin: Please give me some more
Sheetal: Are you mad?
Plays ->Nitin: trust me, I am lost!
 Sheetal:  (KICK) now did u find urself?
Plays ->Nitin: Oh I will get addicted to this!!!
Sheetal:  Dumbo! what do you want from me???
Plays ->Nitin:  Now all I want is…
Sheetal:  what???
Plays ->Nitin:  One bite..plsss
Sheetal: whaaaaaaaattttttt
Plays ->Nitin: I can do anything for it! 
Sheetal: u have gone nuts!!!! 

As Sheetal was raging in anger she gets a message from her other friend to see the Cadbury 5 Star Facebook page to see funny avatar of their classmate SIN in the video named “Condition Serious hai? toh Blindfold Game Khelna!!!

She plays the video and ends up laughing out loud seeing the video which was just shot in the Boys hostel room no 37. SIN was blind folded and was given the yummy soft Cadbury 5 Star, the various kid like reactions of this Serious Guy were very hilarious. She couldn’t stop laughing on seeing the exaggeration on every bite and begging for more 5 star like a kid.

Suddenly something strikes, she observes the video closely and finds that Ramesh and Suresh were recording SIN’s reaction in his mobile, she takes out her mobile and plays the messages that she had just received from SIN!!! And thus the zigsaw puzzle was solved! 

She rewinds to see the video again and replays the messages
Plays ->Nitin:  Oh a piece of heaven!!!
Plays ->Nitin: That tastes amazing
Plays ->Nitin: Please give me some more
Plays ->Nitin: Oh I will get addicted to this!!!
Plays ->Nitin:  Now all I want is…
Plays ->Nitin:  One bite..plsss
Plays ->Nitin: I can do anything for it! 

Smiling at the prank played by Ramesh and Suresh, Sheetal messages back….

Sheetal: Beta SIN where are you? tera Condition Serious hai!

Nitin sent you an Image: :(

Message from Nitin: ofcourse ICU… In Cadbury Unit, do come and visit me ;) ?

Thus begins a new friendship….

 PS: This post was written for #CONDITIONSERIOUSHAI blog contest on Indiblogger. And also as a gratitude for my ever lasting love for Cadbury 5 Star :).


Rahul Bhatia said...

Condition really serious hai! Best of luck, Ramya for the contest:)

Prashanth said...

Hahaha....that was good..:) Me too loved the 5 star..All the best Ramya for the contest..:)


hey that was lovely! i loved it! in fact one of the lovers of 5 star!! :) all the best for the contest!

Ramya said...

@Rahul sir: Thanks :D

@Prashanth: how true most of us love 5*

@Anjali: Thanks for dropping by :D and cheers on the love of 5*