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Monday, September 17, 2012

FlyKey ... Sky is not the limit!!!

Are you stuck in traffic jams? did you run out of fuel in middle of the desert?  Are you super tired walking? Are you planning to runaway with your loved one but caught by people? Are you being scolded by someone and you seem to have no option?Are you stuck in boring bhashans?
All you want at this very point is to FLY FLY and FLY away???

Here we provide you a magical solution! 

A pair of FlyKey is all you need... Zooooooom

FlyKey! A Shoe which holds Guinness record is now available to everyone! Iconic Shoes of Fly Max series has now got a wonderful innovation which assures you an awesome Flight with lot of safety features.

The shoe is geared towards Flying... believe 
it! FlyKey is a shoe which can help you Fly!!!!

Features of Flykey

1. Shoe on Flymode Flies in the safe Zone which is approved by DGCA. Now you seldom have to bother about getting stuck anywhere!

2. All the basic features of Top branded shoes like  Weight: 13 ounces (men’s size 9), A double-layer mesh tongue adds ventilation, The molded heel and collar lend optimal fit and reduce heel slip, Reflective elements add visibility in low light, Available in all Sizes and shapes catering to world wide customers 

Are available by default, which are just so minimal when compared to the options in Flykey

Attractive and Unique features of FlyKey are
  • Fuel Efficient
    • Solar Powered batteries which ensure flight of 5hrs, also has a back up switch over facilities - Beat the Fuel Hike!
    • On The Fly Battery Recharge
  • Landing, Safety gear and Security
    • impact proof jacket, helmet, gloves and also wheels are provided for safe landing and for emergency landing
    • Password locked and uniquely paired with Owner foot that makes it secure from any theft
    • Theft alarm combined with locator helps you locate the shoes as soon as the theft detection is switched on.
    • 24*7 online phone support!
  • Navigation system
    • GPS voice controlled navigation assistance is also provided
    • Collision detection and alarm system 
    •  Auto feed of paths also available
    • Speed of flight is monitored in 3 flying modes like Slow, Medium and Fast 
    • Night mode additional features!
  • Fashion
    • Available for Men, Women and children
    • Available in any styles and colors - Women can land directly into their party hall in style!
    • Saree Guard during flight is also available 
    • Our shoes are designed by worlds famous designers including Manolo Blahniks !!
After providing all these features we are rest assured the price of the product would least bother our esteemed customers! For more exciting details and Early bird offers please visit the nearest showroom also avail an exciting demo Flight!!!

Our products are available on all the leading online stores as well!!! So all you need to is switch to FlyKey!!!

FYKI... Booking is open!!!

Han baba Han.... all these are imaginary and this was our brain child in one of the fun session where we had to design an imaginary product and we had to sell it to the crowd!!! 
And so we had to come up with Banner, Advertisements and also features of the product so this was our Product.

But if Albert Einstein really meant “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions.”

Then wait for this Product !!! Also I have finalized who will be Brand ambassador from India, It will be none other than our very own Super human Rajni Saar!!!

So guys ;) how many of you would like to FLY with FlyKey!!!! 

P.S: I have escaped into deep jungles of Amazon !!! Dont try to hunt me!


Swathi said...

Good one Ramya:)

Muragesh Navani said...

I have used your Flykey Chennai...having tea with your brand ambassador Rajini Sir

Jenny said...

ahh haa Ramya! I want these shoes!! what features! There is no other place in this worl but this blog which would provide me with miracuolous shoes :-) Amazing post! Loved it totally!

and hey BTW, where are you off to???

Raj said...

OMG.. I am sure from now onwards Dictionary will have “Ramya” as one of the synonyms of “creativity”. What a mind blowing (literally) idea. :P

Such fool proof planning. You have thought about everything. What an innovative idea. I have a question (after which I think I should go into hiding or else you may hunt me down :P). What if we have to recharge in the night?

The detail to which you have designed the product and idea is so good that you should in fact plan on making these shoes. Brilliant post. :)

Ramya said...

@Swati: hey Hey thanks :D Welcome to Chittrana :D

@Muragesh: ok then ;) I will choose you also as our Brand ambassador for our next version of FlyKey ;)

Anonymous said...

@Jenny: ;) so do come to bangalore to pick up your FlyKey ::D

I am not going anywhere sweety :D for making such silly post and forcing u guys to read it :D I was sure some would want me to hunt and kill me ;)So I told I am escaping!!!

Ramya said...

@Raj: What VBabu ;)do you think only you ask this question ;) and the crowd would not have;)? they did ask all these questions and we made sure we had answer for all these ;)

And if you want to know more details do walk in to FlyKey showroom rofl ;)

Bikramjit said...

are they available for men too :)


Ramya said...

@Bikram: Dear please read the post again and write it 5 times ;)

šēţħũ said...

Creativity at its best...!! Lovely post :-)

Ramya said...

@Sethu: hahaha thanks a lot :D

Prashanth said...

Drawing in the Portrait is really amazing! Nice work, Ramya :o)

Between, no matter how deep you get in to 'Amazon', we can easily 'Google' you out :D

Kappu said...

Shushhh... GIRL, whattisit!! you are making a rampant show of your design and invention, the Samsung folks might be already listening! China has already started designing fake Flykeys! Keep it lowwwwww!!! :D :D

Do stop by my blog!! I'd love your visits & comments!

Ramya said...

@Prashanth: Thanks thanks :D you gave me the much deserved recognition :D lol :D thanks thank :D

@Kappu: ROFL oh yeahhhh I never thought about it :D if in our life time something like this comes up then ;) I will file copyright violation and make loads of money what say ;)

gopinath said...

U made me almost believe a product was there as technology has no limits but for one sec i thought it cant be real too. Lovely idea. Lovely blog. I stopped searching u as u will be online but no response to pings so i thought u busy in your own world. Liked ur friendship with jenny by reading about u and pam. Keep it going.

Ramya said...

@Gopi: Thanks a lot :D yes hectic life all of a sudden so many things pouring in :D thanks for searching anyways :D

Boydqjzw said...

@Jenny: ;) so do come to bangalore to pick up your FlyKey ::D I am not going anywhere sweety :D for making such silly post and forcing u guys to read it :D I was sure some would want me to hunt and kill me ;)So I told I am escaping!!!