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Thursday, May 3, 2012

I was challenged...

Hello Hello,
This post is for that Anonymous blogger friend who wrote me a very good appreciation mail and also challenged me to write something which I haven’t attempted before. The challenge was to write something which will have last few lines of the song TRUST by Megadeth
So friend here you go! Hope I have done justice to your challenge. And all my blogger friends please bear me if I am not good at this!!!


She: Please come in feel free
He: It’s a nice place, cozy very silent and far far away from the crowd I like it!

She: I will get you a cup of tea, and there you will find news papers on study table
He: Thanks, Tea really helps in this weather.

She: How would u like your tea? with or without milk?
He:  As you please, I like to try.

She: ok give me a minute.
He: Ah whats with your city? A serial killer on prowl?

She: Maniacs everywhere not sure whom to trust.
He: Oh its raining heavily.

She: I guess you can’t leave this place for an hour atleast
He: oh! Fine lets play some game

She: Something really interesting….
He: why don’t we start deducing the Serial killer’s strategies?

She: Sounds interesting, let’s think like killer and find out how killer lures his prey!
He: bingo let’s start, have your tea
He: Well I am very sure its Man, probably a handsome one like me

She: oh come on you look too innocent for that. I accept killer is man for his majority preys are young beautiful women but maybe he is middle aged
He: Yes for the very reason I will consider him of my age as it becomes pretty simple to lure women!

She: then it doesn’t explain Killings of Men!!!
He: Oh come on! Those were the ones who got to know about him!

She: Possible! Luring women would take time but these killings have become frequent
He: Ah! Its Serial killing and Parallel hunting. he keeps looking out for his prey. Probably he is regular jogger like me

She: Awww true that’s makes it pretty simple for him to observe more people at park!
He: Yes he must be a regular guy at park as he can see pretty women meet and talk to them just like I met you.

She: But what confuses me here is his intention and what does he want from his prey?
He: What’s confusing in it?

She: See, the victims were not tortured; there were no signs of trouble or rape!!! It was just death
He: Oh its ecstasy to see natures wonder “Death” he just likes to see how people die

She: oh God! You are too much into his role (Laughs) In that case how did he kill them all?
He: Good Question, maybe he poisoned them?  Simple take this situation! You offered me tea, dropping a pill of poison into your cup wouldn’t be difficult isn’t it?

She: oh my god you scared me! Hmmm possible, (looks around) I guess its not raining anymore… would you like to stay longer…
He: No I am done!
Both get up!

Thud!!! A sudden fall, acute shortage of air, sting in brain and everything goes blur.

She stares at his handsome body lying down. She laughs aloud and screams “You were very close darling but alas you did the same mistake!!!! TRUST”
She sits besides his handsome body humming ...

How could this be happening to me
I’m lying when I say, ’trust me’
I can’t believe this is true
Trust hurts
Why does trust equal suffering
absolutely nothing we trust


ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ/ Ashwini said...

All along I was thinking its him and you proved it wrong. Nice one!!

Jenny said...

Fanntaastic!!! This is one of your best works! You took us in a different direction and bam, the suspense struck us. Very well attempted.

Anonymous said...

AHHHHHHHHH Lady you scored full marks!!!

trust me I did not have a remotest thought that you will come up with thriller at max I thought you will come up with a love story, that too with a word like "Trust"

You really attempted a very different one, Hats off Lady you have scored full marks and have done best work.
All the best !!!

Ramya said...

@Ashwini: :D thanks a lot

@Jenny: hehehe my first attempt a thriller and it happens to be my 99th post :D on this blog. thanks a lot :D

@Anonymous: Ah! so I won ;)!
Yeah this is effect of reading lot of fictions and thrillers :D had u given this challenge a months ago I would for sure have written a love story :D or a poem at max.
Thanks you came up with this!

Vyshali said...

Fantastic writing......
Superb ree...... :):)

gopinath said...

Excellent. Nice thought. Unexpected ending. This calls for a blast for your 100th post.

Rahul Bhatia said...

Very nice one Ramya with a most exceptional ending!Liked it thoroughly:)

Ramya said...

@Vyshali: haha thanks ri

@Gopinath: thanks, But my 100th I stuck I cant think of what to write :D let me see :D

@Rahul Sir: Thanks a lot Rahul sir ;)

Anonymous said...

Gurus, you rock :)

this is amazing,

sakkattagi bardiddira ri ... super like.

Sujatha Sathya said...

WOW! incredibly talented! i agree with Anonymous ... when thrown with such a challenge, mostly we wont think in these lines ... the situation you played out was thrilling. it was like watching the climax scene of a good play/drama

Ramya said...

@Geets: Thanksssss dear ;)

@Sujatha: wow your comment is encouraging thanks a lot for that, As I said before its only because of reading lot of Dan Browns over last month :D I have actually started thinking like criminal ;)
Beware of me :D

Thanks tons :D

Arooj said...

Very thrilling end and rather unexpected.

Ramya said...

@Arooj: Hey Arooj, Thanks hope you enjoyed it! :D

Anjuli said...

oh my goodness this is amazing!!! You had a great twist at the end- she seemed so innocent. Now I will never look at the word trust the same again!

Ramya said...

@Anjuli: Welcome to Chittrana :D

Thanks for ur appreciation :D no no please dont decide that on "Trust" its a great thing :D

Mine is just a story ;)

Sujatha Sathya said...

no new post yet?

Ramya said...

@Sujatha: Save me!!! I am stuck :( brain in stand by mode!!!or rather not working lol

Raj said...

Wow Ramya. That was really brilliant. I really loved the way you built up the suspense. It was indeed a gripping narrative. And a wonderful surprise ending. You must attempt more in this genre as you have an inherent talent of keeping the reader hooked on. Will be eagerly looking forward to read more. :)

EverGreen said...

Wow Superb Ramya... nice ending... though being fan of csi kind of stuff, i went with the flow of the story and expected the culprit to be him :)
hmm... this again reminds me what i had learnt from those TV serials... author can change anything obvious to any thing at any point of time!!