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Its about learning to dance in the rain!!!
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but only a few will catch your heart... Pursue those

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Excitement in air...

Its end of rainy season in Banglore and winter is set to begin but for me October and November is going to be very hectic, now you know that I am making reason for not posting blogs. Hmmm!!!Ok you can consider that but let me tell you I am not busy with routine work or life. I have so many things lined up. And Guess what these are things which I literally forget world, my age and anything for that matter around me when I am doing these. Here is the small list of things with which I am currently occupied and excited about.

Marriages and Engagements
I truly heartily bless all those beautiful couples who are getting engaged and inviting me, you know what this means to me? So much of shopping, fun, make up, accessorizing, in simple words I am going to shop endlessly on the reason of these young couples getting engaged, married etc… Love you all :D

Trips and tours:
Voila!!!! Year end is fast approaching and I have seriously started hinting my hubby darling that all my friends are going on exotic vacation. And I have to make sure I don’t tell some places in and around Bangalore I should make sure I tell places which I want to visit. So I got to be very creative in telling my hubs that which place I want to visit this year end indirectly. Not that he doesn’t understand my creativity its just my satisfaction.

Dancing and Dancing:
Yes you read it right, I am going on stage in November for some event. It’s only when I started choreographing for the song I realized how much I have wanted to dance. I am reliving my passion, trust me I am forgetting everything around me when I dancing and feeling like a 3 yr old kid for whom world around hardly matters when it wants to sing or dance that’s how exactly I am feeling right now.

Yuuuhuuuuuu this is a glimpse of my excitement, are you giggling??? Hey come on!!! This is how I am, I am excited and happy for every single thing I get to do and see. So guys wait for more of my experiences to be documented and posted.

Love my life!



This is really a nice blog. Interesting posts. Liked some of them very much. Thank you.

Ramya said...

@Premashekhara: Welcome to Chittrana Sir, Thanks a lot for your comments.

ಅಶ್ವಿನಿ/ Ashwini said...

Ramya, thats a nice set of activities planned for the coming days. Please post some photos or video of your dance event so that we can have a glimpse of it as well. Have fun and enjoy.

Sujatha Sathya said...

is that last photo yours?

you are a dancer & you choreograph too??? is this the first time you've mentioned this in your blog? i never knew this about you.
why do you always make me jealous!!!

amma thayi no more "exotic" trips pls. nandu hotte urdu kicchagutte :))) neevu thumba bhayankara locations ge hogodu, lovely post bareyodu, beautiful photos hakodu....thala lare!!

:)) loveyou

SuKupedia :) :) said...

totally jealous :O_O

Ramya said...

@Ashwini: Hey Ashwini thanks for your wishes :D yes surely will try to put the video

@Sujatha: Yes that is me in that snap :D
Yes I am small time dancer and do very little choreography:D may be this is the first time I am mentioning it on my blog :D

And Vacation ri :D we both are competing to make each other jealous :D he he he

Love you all loads thanks for support and encouragement

Ramya said...

@SuKupedia: oh come on! your Blog page alone is enough to make world jealous :D so creative and full of energy :D so this is nothing for a bubbly full of life girl like SuKupedia :D

Prashanth said...


If you don't mind, do let me witness your stage performance. Wish you a very happy season ahead :o)

Ramya said...

@Prashanth: Thats Awesome if you want to come and see our dance performance I will be very happy

pls mail me on I will send you the details :D

Sahana Rao said...

Super kanri Ramya Neevu! You are a secret vault of talent. The more you write more in unveiled.. :D
Nanu mail maaDtini.. Nanu barteeni nimma taka thai noDokke.. :) :)

Ramya said...

@Sahana Rao: Thumba thanks :D
Sure please banni nange tumba kushi aguthe :D Blog Friends na I meet like that I will be very happy