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Friday, September 9, 2011

Very educative TV shows

At times we will have to explain in great details about concept which seems simple but has a huge impact on society, so one of such very critical debate which happened with my dear Blogger friend Sujatha leads me to write this post.

Before going ahead I want to sincerely thank my dear Sis who provided complete assistance, guidance, valuable time and knowledge sharing on the topics we are discussing today.

OKOK I am coming to the topic finally!

Not sure what makes people call some very knowledgeable Television series as CRAP, ABSURD, UNREALISTIC, MEANINGLESS, ETC ETC. But truly after great amount of research and deep dive discussions, I am wHole heartedly accepting that these shows are very important for everyone in the family and are also very educative. Given a chance I would ask all TV channels to stop broadcasting NEWS, SPORTS, QUIZES, Travel Shows for shows like Rakhi Ki Swayamwar, Rakhi Ki Adalat, Stuntmania, Roadies, Footloose, Datetrap, Superstud, Splitsvilla.

I will just go through few of these shows to explain you how important these shows are. (Mind you, explanation of just 1 or 2 is more than enough for you to accept how great these shows really are!!!) So here you go!

Rakhi Ki Swayamwar:

Come on guys! you want to teach your kids about Mythology and tell me how many of you have really explained Swayamwar concept in Mythology. Almost in every story of God, Goddess, Suras, Asuras there is swayamwar and so every princess was supposed to see some 20-30 Neighboring kings and decide on one (when all men are from mars!) and when you tell this to kid, it will immediately slap you with a question asking ‘then why did you marry daddy and not neighbor Uncle because he is so sweet and never asks me to study!!!’ So I would say a practical example helps kids understand this very difficult concept of choosing one man out of similar ones, very easily. Now that’s what our Rakhi did and also she is so kind and generous that she may be ready for explaining this again with Rakhi Ki Swayamwar Part 2 to make people understand this critical concept and help improve Mythological Understanding!! I truly respect the teacher in Rakhi Sawant.

So finally you are accepting right? Now standup say

Happy Teacher’s Day Meees Rakhi!

Repeat it 5 times!


Ok don’t just be completely mesmerized with Rakhi Sawant we have a male competitor also. And he is our very own Ashmit Patel, Oh u dint get who he is…. I should really educate you guys!!!

Thaaaat Inteha movie… umm hmmm u dint remember, Thaat Kudiyon Ka Hai Zamana u Still don’t get him! Fight Club – Members Only(I like the name, wonder is they knew no one else will even turn towards the poster also!!!) Still Nooo????

Ok MURDER!!! Ahaaaaaaa naughty, now u get it! Arrey no no its not MS I am talking about. it’s about the guy who is supposed to be hero of the film but only sits in jail from starting till ending of movie and rest of the THINGS taken care by our Imran Hashmi, Hmmm correct correct the other Guy! That’s our Male competitor

So our Guy Ashmit the handsome hunk! Is the one teaching young boys how to flirt and is supposed to be FLIRT GURU, wow how on earth such beautiful concept was not visualized all these yrs, My complete teenage is gone now I get such shows what a loss…

Continuing with this, I have heard from some very reliable source that for a female frog to find its potential mate the selection process is to hear to all male frogs croaking and the loudest of all gets the female frog, to understand this natures wonder and mystery with Homosapiens as example all you have to do is watch our very own Flirt Guru Ashmit Patel croaking on Superstud isn’t it how educative? Do you ever get such wonderful examples? See this is the reason I say you all people complaining should see these shows.

Now I know you all are waiting to be Blessed by Flirt Guru Ashmit Patel ( Papa had he attained this much earlier, he would be performing better THINGS in Murder!!! Hmmm )

So do I have to explain anymore???

Now do you accept totally that these are very educative???


Uffff Mission Accomplished! ;)


Ranjana said...

okay!okay!I accept your appreciation. As you said, people can contact me for more details :)nice writing. I loved the info covered but if it is sarcastic I will do a proper agitation he he :)

Ramya said...

Thanks a lot dearie ;) not only for commenting on this but also helping me out in getting these info.

No No if it hurts any sentiments lets take this issue to Rakhi ki Adalath!!!!

sweetukavya said...

Uhuhhahahaha....these shows are awesome from before only...but your education made me appreciate them more !!
From now on I'll watch only Superstud !! :D :D :P
Super !

Ramya said...

@Sweetu: I am imagining the lecture and education I would get from your mom when she reads this post and your comment!!!

;) Thanks

Zeba said...

It is a sad sad situation. This Indian TV business. It makes me cringe.

Ramya said...

@Zeba: If you cant Stop it then enjoy it! is my Mantra :D

Gautam said...

Loved it!LMAO, sarcasm at its best! Loved the bits:

20-30 Neighboring kings and decide on one (when all men are from mars!)

‘then why did you marry daddy and not neighbor Uncle because he is so sweet and never asks me to study!!!’

Happy Teacher’s Day Meees Rakhi!

rest of the THINGS taken care by our Emran Hashmi

Papa had he attained this much earlier, he would be performing better THINGS in Murder!

Ramya said...

@Gautam: He He He thanks! most are from our cafeteria discussion ;)You agree to this na!!!!

Sujatha Sathya said...

i agree Madam. sathyavachanagalu :))

RS Mahan Hai
AP Javaan Hai
Neigbhour uncle Better Hai - LOL

Ramya said...

Wow I see you how much you are impressed now :D love the Quote :D

Do Baara mat puchna :D

SuKupedia :) :) said...

Hi ramya... tracked u through Sujatha.. u have a lovely blog and a very lively style of writing... enjoyed reading it :) :)

Ramya said...

Welcome to Chittrana :D
Thanks a ton :D your encouragement keeps me motivated :D

Raj said...

This is scintillatingly hilarious. I haven’t watched these shows. But your post for a moment made me feel I have missed something important. :P I am sure even Rakhi and Ashmit will be mighty surprised and will be in seventh heaven if they knew that they had gotten such a wonderful and raving review in your blog. And since you have increased (potentially doubled) their market value, you could claim a share of the show’s profits (if there were any!)

Oh btw.. There is one more TV series which could be a good addition to your list. It is the latest version of Mahabharat (Kahani humari Mahabharat ki). The concept was developed by (no prizes for guessing) our very own Ekta Kapoor. Here you can see our famous saas bahu models playing warriors and Goddesses in Greek designer wear and showing off their tattoo clad arms. You would probably not get a better joke. :P

Sorry for digressing.. but a very very hilarious post.