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Its about learning to dance in the rain!!!
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Monday, June 6, 2011

Back after celebrations…

 Ok Pals after celebrating, partying hard for my award, its time for me to post a blog which is long pending on my side.

So Spicy Sweet Friend thanks for awarding and here you see me following the tradition religiously!!!! (You should be really happy,  I don’t do most of the things I promise, but this I have done….)

Tell 7 facts about you:
Rather than facts, I have chosen to tell things which keeps me young all the time..

Here you go, for buying 7, 2 free about me, and these are 9 random things with no connection to each other, so try not to derive anything out of it. And also beware these are still alive in me he he he

Actually these are in addition to my previous list, so all I can say is it keeps growing…

1. Got bitten by leeches, Swam in streams, Climbed trees and jumped down, built little play houses more seriously than an engineer building bridges.

2. Never write homework and got beatings from teachers, Failed in exams.

3. Weeping in every movie including comedy movies.

4. Hiding in a dark place, sleeping there for 3 hrs and coming out feeling as though I have achieved something, to see Parents who are tired and angry searching me everywhere.

5. Talking while asleep, Cousins say I do free campaigning for ads and political parties in sleep!

6. Collect Dolls, stickers, notes, coffee mugs, cups, candles, anything and everything on this earth and stick it in office cubicle and now I have very less space left on the stick board in my cubicle

7. Keep important documents so safely that I myself forget where I kept and keep searching when required, and get scolding from appa, amma, sister and now hubs!

8. Collect 5 rupees new golden colored coins count it everyday and tell friends that I have lacs together in my pouch.

9. Dress up neatly with matching lipstick, eye shadow cheek blush etc etc and then when about to start to the party look at the mirror and think its too much and wipe out all those efforts and make hubby wait for another half an hour.

Presentation Ceremony:
So here goes the list of fellow Bloggers who i am presenting the Stylish Blogger award... And for clear rules and regulations please visit here.
Awarding friends and fellow Bloggers

Sindhu: , well I choose her first because she is my blog designer, I love her attitude towards life. I present her this award hoping that she will blog more and more. Sinsi you are my first selection for Stylish Blogger Award.

Milana: , Milo as she calls herself, What a wonderful blogger she is, she scores for everything style of writing, topics she chooses to write and also the way she presents her blogs. Milana I present this award to you for managing your Blog, Profession and now Academics all with equal interest. All the best keep blogging

Ranjana: , Ranjana is my little sister and angel of my life; I was surprised when she wrote her first blog and sent it to me. I never knew there is such a talent in her apart from fighting and loving me abundantly. Little Sister, I present you this award for your wonderful writing skills and also I hope to see more and more from you.

Actually I was supposed to nominate 7 bloggers. As I peeped into the regular blogs I follow, I see them already flashing the award which means Spciy sweet has already awarded them. So I could pick only these 3 out of so many wonderful bloggers.

So I am done with my responsibility of following the tradition, wishing you all the best.. keep writting and inspiring me...


$insi said...

wow!! thnx kano.. :)

Prashanth said...

Your concept of "ask 7 and get 2 free" was very appropriate :P

All of the 9 were exceptional. Frankly, your hubby deserves an award too (for the 9th one) :o)

Ranjana said...

I have actually flicked one of your golden coins if u remember :) plz donot take me off from your award list for this he he :)Thanks sis, Love u loads :)and I second Prashanth, Bhava deserves an award to manage a monster at home like u :)

Chaosrules said...

Let me prepare an acceptance speech soon, looks like i am getting junta support for an award ;)

Ramya said...

@Sinsi: :) Anything for you...

@Prashanh: Thanks thanks u see me very generous...
And about to award just for 9th one! Ask my hubs he will be telling!!!"Ye tho sirf trailer hai, Picture abhi Baaki hai meri jaan" he he he

@Ranjana: I know I know I have kept a record of all the things u have stollen from me!

@Chaos: Hmmmm!!! (only look no comment!) ;)

Spicy Sweet said...

Okay... I should say I am yappy first! Not because you followed the tradition, because I got to know some hilarious facts about you.. :D

Paapa.. Your hubby.. For the last point.. :D

Ramya said...

@SpicySweet Friend!!!
Thanks thanks
My Mr.Hubs overly praised becoz of this Blog.

hmmm I have to take care of him!!!

hariprasad said...

Very nice after a long gap Ramya.. was comparing the bonus #9 with my wife. Some times she also does the same, but looks even better.. was thinking only my wife could have does this.. but its malpractice by most girls is it?

have a practice of posting every week..


Milana said...

Hi Ramya,
Thanks so much for the award!!! It feels so nice to be receiving it from you. I know I'm the last one to comment on your post, so sorry about it. Keep up the good work. Love reading your blog posts.

Milana said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ramya said...

@Hari: Thanks a lot Hari, sure will try to post. :) And women are blessed with such malpractices ;)

@Milo: Thanks a lot Milana, you are worth it and also :D thanks for 1 tagondre 1 free comment :D

Milana said...

Aiyyo sorry about the duplicate comment. I have removed the duplicate one :)

Sujatha Sathya said...

""""Keep important documents so safely that I myself forget where I kept""""
those lines are so true of me too n i was relieved that there is another nutcase like me on this planet :)))...
nice post
humour is your thing

Ramya said...

:) yes yes dont worry you have company or I guess I should tell more about me then u will be very happy cause u will know u are perfectly normal