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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Being Short

  1. I realized at the age of 10 that I am short in height compared to others of my age. Since then mostly I have lived with the identity of being short. I still don’t know what I feel about being short. Do I feel bad? Or am I just happy like this?

    Being short, if you ask me has tremendous blend of feelings, at times I feel very bad that I am short but at most of the times I am proud of being short.

    Yesterday when my best pal called out my nick name KULS which means short being! In front of my complete office gang, I realized I have to list the advantages and disadvantages that I felt by being short.


    1. I just can’t forget Sports day, In My high school we were categorized on height, Group1, Group2 and Group3. Group3 had all tough games like High jump, long tracks running etc, Group 2 was comparatively easier and Group 1 was honey games mostly strategy games like Musical Chair, Lemon on the spoon, And from 8th to 10th I was only in Group1, also won prizes. So thank god I am short

    2. All Dance program, we short people get the luck of standing in front though u dance well or not, Wow people notice us and complimented us more than the actual dancers cause while in dancing enthusiasm we would have covered them.

    3. Oh college, very nice time! Always sat in first benches, Lecturers thought only decent, studious students sit there but I never was the one they thought. So enjoyed most of the time eating, reading novels, sleeping and went unnoticed all the time.

    4. Never have I bowed down to anyone not even a low lying tree branch or an Attic nothing, instead every other person bends his head down and speaks to me, isn’t it nice to see your managers do that?

    5. No one can tell your age, trust me even today people ask me which class you are in. And you can still be over enthusiastic, happy smiling jumping people will just give a stare scolding that these fresh out of college are always like this, But secret is only you will know your work experience.

    6. Never will you have to help others in arranging for a Birthday party, they will surely know that we won’t reach heights to stick the color stickers.

    7. We can stare at any one, no one will even notice because We will not be to there scaling altitude. Tall people will not have this luck so they have to carefully look around and then stare

    Many more are there; I don’t want to make you jealous by listing them all.
    Ok for your satisfaction I will also list some disadvantage

    1. We Short people cannot put on Weight, even a few extra gain will make you look like couch potato, and because of which I have now got new nick name KUMs which is combination of KUL+DUM (I wont explain it and if u have understood stop laughing)

    2. Every time I want something badly and my Tall husband posses it, He will simply keep it on Attic and he happily gets back to his work where as I end up jumping trekking climbing and falling down!

    Enough I wont tell anything more infact no more disadvantage except in car driving you are termed as Pillow Driver, Now what this means is left to your thinking …
    But I still say I am very happy Being Short.


Anonymous said...

Super rammu, you have discovered all the advantages of being short. Short in height hides your being big by heart i.e ur broadmindedness, humanitarian behaviours with kindness accompanies with helping hand. I'm proud to be your friend though i call you as dums:)

Kannan.V said...

Hahahahaa, Fantastic Ramya...

These were the exact thoughts in my mind i wanted to write, but never got to writing it and today i see it in your blog.... enjoyed everybit of it....
and especially the pillow driver.. waah.. i have a pillow in a plastic bag ready always :):)

Some more advantages, short people i call them dynamic people, we can adjust height to our preferences, but can the tall ones shorten it??

Anyways nice write up.. and you know why i support all these advantages u have listed.... :)

Ramya said...

@ Friend,
Thanks Lo, for the money I have given u have written worthily :) he he he jokes apart you have been for me all the time thanks for visiting...

@ Kannan,

Hey thanks buddy,
I got why u are so humble and supporting for the advantages mentioned and we can pull in our common friend ;) into our group

Kannan.V said...

hahha.... our common friend....

ask him how tall he is and immediately he claims 6ft....

and if you speak to him ask him about the 180cms incident in France Alps ski resort... you will laugh for a day!