Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass ...
Its about learning to dance in the rain!!!
There are many things in life that will catch your eye
but only a few will catch your heart... Pursue those

This is my small effort to make you smile for a while...

Monday, December 1, 2008

25 Not out ... :)

It was yesterday night; I realized I will be 25 in just another 8 days…
Till 1 in the night I was just thinking I spent 25years now. I am 25 years old to everyone who know me from my birth and 25 years young for everyone getting to know me now.

I guess everyone will get this feeling on their birthday, why to generalize from my 2nd pu birthday at least, I get this feeling or question that how different or what difference I have done in these many years of my stay here?

Though I haven’t answered this question any year that passed by, I thought best medicine to put me sleep would be to answer my own question “What have I achieved in these many years?”
Oh my god this isn’t tat easy question, it was really the toughest question. I found it tougher than my ADA question paper in Engg sem exam.
Ok what ever I thought there was argument for it by my conscious lets call it Jeeva, it went on like this

Ramya: I am being good to my parents all these years
Jeeva: good, but that many do, and it’s just your responsibility and rule to be like that

Ramya: I studied well, now in to good job.
Jeeva: Great, But that’s the survival and wats different in it.

Ramya: I have so many friends who are very happy with me.
Jeeva: wow, haven’t you had fights? Haven’t many left you too?

I thought I should really give up and sleep! It was very much hurting to understand that I haven’t done anything special!

It was 12:30 by then my sister was studying for her exams, as she finished her studies she came near me for her regular Good night kiss, it was surprising for her to see me still awake. Not able to hide my worries I told her my doubts, she laughed beautifully and thus went our discussion

Ramya: What have I done all these days?
Ranju: Akka, wat have you not done, you have been so good to appa amma.

Ramya: But still…
Ranju: Akka, u have studied well got into good job wat else do you want.

Ramya: May be but so many friends left !!!
Ranju: Oh come on! Haven’t you had fights? But in those fights you realized how many were worth your friendship, the once left were just people who were not worth you.

Man !!! she just solved my puzzle. It’s just the way you see it, something which may seem very common may be astonishing to someone else.
Something you have done days back may stay in someone’s memory for life time. So then I realized that I am different. Also thought World is perfect Round; we end exactly where we started!!!

Thus stopped thinking, wished my sis good night and turned right to sleep tight with a smile on my face…Jeeva: Advanced happy Birthday Ramya!!! :)


ಕ್ಷಮಿಸಿ ನಾ ಹೇಳೋದೆಲ್ಲ ತಮಾಷೆಗಾಗಿ said...

I dont have time to read the blog ryt now but need to be the first person to comment on this blog.
wish you a happy birth day in advance.

Arun said...

Hey nutty, first thing is A very Happy n Properous Birthyday in advance Let this Glorious Life brings you joy and amazing things in this beautiful world... when u think of what we did in our days is just it is a foolish statement. we have come here to learn and understand the Love and Nature and not achieve something, it is just our mind status to achieve something but we are still grabbing only infomations and applications... dont think life is just to do something, be happy to be as if you dear friend.

Santhosh Chidambar said...

Nice one :)

Karthik said...

Somehow landup on the blog..Amazing feeling..had felt the same..
Good job..